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Search syntax

This is an advanced feature. Each answer is implicitly assigned a query, which can also be edited. The query syntax is described in more detail below.

Product fields

The following product fields can be searched and used in the search syntax.


Searches for products that are in a specific collection, e.g. collection:games finds all products in the "games" collection.


Searches for products containing a specific tag, e.g. tag:kids finds all products with the tag "kids".


Searches for products that contain a specific word in the product title, e.g. title:potter finds products with "potter" in the title like "Harry Potter".


Searches for a word in the product description.

All fields

If the field name is omitted, all fields are searched, i.e. a keyword search is performed.

⚠️ Product field names must be lowercase

Tag:kids Collection:gifts  ❌ Does not work

tag:kids collection:gifts ✅ Works

⚠️ Whitespaces must be put in phrases

tag:Nice Gifts    ❌ Does not work

tag:"Nice Gifts" ✅ Works

Search operators

You can combine several terms in one query. By default, all terms are optional and only one of them must match. If more than one term must match, use the + operator, e.g. tag:men +tag:older_50. On the other hand, if a term must not match, use the - operator to exclude a term, e.g. tag:blue -tag:red.

In addition, the following search operators can also be used:


The AND operator means that all clauses must match, for example collection:games AND collection:kids searches for products that are in both collections.


OR is the default operator if no other operator is specified and can actually be omitted. OR means that any clause should match, e.g. tag:man OR tag:woman searches for either products tagged with "man" or "woman". This is the same as tag:man tag:woman.


The NOT operator excludes a clause, for example collection:games AND NOT tag:kids searches for products that are not tagged with kids.

⚠️ All operators have to be UPPERCASE

tag:man or tag:woman  ❌ Does not work

tag:man OR tag:woman ✅ Works

⚠️ If you mix AND and OR, you must put the OR clauses in parenthesis

tag:man tag:woman AND collection:gifts       ❌ Does not work

tag:man OR tag:woman AND collection:gifts ❌ Does not work

(tag:man tag:woman) AND collection:gifts ✅ Works

(tag:man OR tag:woman) AND collection:gifts ✅ Works

Substring matches

You can use the wildcard character (*) to search for words that begin or end with a substring. For example, game* would match words that start with "game", like "gamer". And *game would match words that end with "game", like "boardgame".