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With the "Product Finder" you can configure a Quiz through which customers can find exactly the products they are looking for in your shop. After answering your questions a customer will be presented Featured products that match their given answers. In the Recommendations section, further similar product suggestions are displayed for each product of the featured products.


A quiz consists of freely configurable questions and answers. Every answer can be linked to a filter. The featured products will then be filtered according to the filters assigned to the answers a user selected.

By default the questions and their answers are presented sequentially to the user. For more advanced cases it is possible to enable different paths through the quiz by defining conditions. For example, some questions might be skipped if certain answers were selected. Or some answers might only be shown if certain other answers were selected beforehand.

Featured products are displayed based on the selected answers. A selection of products is displayed that matches the filters assigned to the answers and is optimized with machine learning methods:

The aim of the "Product Finder" is to show your customers relevant products and not to overwhelm them with too many products of the same kind.

To achieve this, the system continuously learns from user behaviour which products are well received. The products displayed are then sorted based on their popularity and topicality.

They are also deduplicated before being displayed. Instead of showing many similar products or variants of a product, only one product of a particular type is chosen.

In combination with the recommendations, a customer can thus very easily get an overview and find the products they are looking for.


In the "Recommendations" section further similar product suggestions are displayed for each product of the "Features products". Recommendations are automatically selected by our true AI that is based on the description texts, images and categories of products.